Mergers & Acquisitions

Khetal Advisors provides a range of transaction advisory services which are tailored to address the specific needs of each of our clients:

  • Exploring, evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives
  • Assessing potential acquirers and targets and providing valuation analysis
  • Negotiating and consummating transactions
  • Advising on transaction structuring, timing, pricing and potential financing

Sell-side Advisory

Khetal has a strong track record of executing sell-side advisory mandates. Our independent and non-conflicting role allows us to act on behalf of selling shareholders; assist in negotiations and give impartial and objective advice about the merits of bids received.

Given our deep domain expertise and extensive network among the “C” level executives in the IT space we bring a unique perspective to finding the ideal partner for your company. Our expertise gives us an unparalleled advantage in representing firms as we are able to specifically identify and highlight the mutual benefits of the transaction. Value is important but we believe finding the right cultural fit for the organization needs to have equal priority in any such exercise.

Our philosophy is to act as primary agents for the Selling shareholders which means while we work with external agencies like Law Firms and Financial Auditors of the firm we take complete ownership of the transaction. We find it is critical to not let any divestiture process interrupt with the normal working operations of the firm. Our typical process would involve the following steps:

  • Conduct internal due diligence to prevent value disclosure surprises
  • Analyse and agree on sale alternatives and broad value perception
  • Data room establishment
  • Assistance in deal structuring and contract negotiations
  • Transactional due diligence

Buy-side Advisory

We leverage our extensive network to assist Buyers achieve growth objectives by presenting a wide range of suitable candidates. We assist Buyers in finalizing the attributes of the target company including size, location and industry segment. Once we establish contact and confirm desire of the target company for an exit we analyze financial information, client relationships and other relevant information in an overall extensive due diligence process to present the Buyer with a target profile including value recommendation and industry comparisons for the transaction.